Brooks England

D-Shaped Saddle Bag

£79.00 £55.00
Color Antique Brown

Cataloguing as far back as 1910 in the Brooks collection, the D-Shaped Saddle Bag features a two-piece construction. Whilst the outer sleeve remains permanently attached to the saddle, the bag contains an inner purse which can be removed so that its owner may retain it. The purse is attached to the sleeve by a mushroom fastener, preventing it from sliding out even under extreme conditions.

Founded in Birmingham, England in 1866, saddle manufacturer Brooks England have a reputation for high quality, premium design, comfort and longevity. Still building saddles, with the same attitude as when they started, 'quality first', both in materials and manufacture.

Materials: leather
Dimensions: 160 w x 50 d x 90 h mm
Capacity: 0.75 l
Weight: 270g

Made in Italy