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Passport Size Refill Notebook

Color Blue Grey

In collaboration, tokyobike x TRAVELER'S COMPANY have redesigned the Passport Size Refill Notebook. Using Midori paper to offer the ultimate writing experience, the paper makes ink hard to stain and sink through to the other side, working well with all writing styles. The olive colour notebook comes with the foil-pressed motif of the TRAVELER’S BIKE and includes an original, kraft-type paper, perfect for sketching as well as smooth writing.

Along with the refill notebook, the collaboration has produced a brass tag, beautifully engraved with both brands logos and the TRAVELER’S BIKE. It can be used to customise your TRAVELER’S notebook or used as a key fob for your bike.

Dimensions: 89 w x 4 d x 124 h mm

Made in Japan