Shinobi45 Portable Hex


A Portable 4 mm and 5 mm hex wrench set, the Shinobi45 is inspired by ancient Ninja tools. With a paracord-wrapped grip, the petite tool can be stored in a pocket or pouch, or simply hung on a keychain.

Made in Japan

About Runwell

A Japanese manufacturer with a 400-year history of craftsmanship, Runwell creates high-quality metal tools and equipment, including those used for track cycling. Located in the Tsubamesanjo region of Japan, known for its rich manufacturing heritage, Runwell is committed to providing reliable, eco-friendly, and metal-based products. Their environmentally conscious initiatives include zero-plastics development, reduced paper catalogs, and sustainable packaging. Established in 2011, Runwell's mission is to deliver top-quality tools to support mechanics and cyclists worldwide. They have earned recognition and are now a part of international sports events.

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Product Details

Stainless Steel (grip), Cro-Mo Steel (hex)

Dimensions: 70 mm (length)
Weight: 32g