Cycle Scheme

The Cycle to Work scheme provides savings of up to 42%* on bikes and accessories for commuting to work and taking advantage is simple:

Choose your bike and accessories at our London store or online

Request tokyobike to provide a quote for your employer to approve / pay

Provide a copy of your voucher by email or in store to confirm your order

tokyobike will assemble your new bike to be collected or shipped!

The savings are achieved through a salary sacrifice arrangement (typically lasting 12 months) and vary based on your rate of income tax. Essentially, the money you pay monthly towards the bike comes out of your gross salary i.e you would have paid tax on that income had it not gone towards the bike.

At the end of the salary sacrifice period, ownership of the bike can be officially transferred to you from the company for a small fee, or you can continue to use it with no further payments.

You can purchase a bike through the scheme directly from tokyobike or through many of the third party providers like or Green Commute Initiative. You can also use other bike store schemes like Evans or Halfords. Note that 'admin fees' charged by some retailers are not permitted and tokyobike will never ask you to pay more than the retail price.

Visit our store or email us for a quote to give to your employer.