Sizing Guide

CS26, Mono and Sport models


47 cm (XS) 4'-11" to 5'-4" (150-165cm)

53 cm (S) 5'-3" to 5'-8" (160-175cm)

57 cm (M) 5'-7" to 5'-11" (170-180cm)

61 cm (L) 5'-11" to 6'-3" (180-190cm)


For models with straight frames (CS26, Sport and Mono) the 'standover height' is important for safety and comfort. To check for adequate standover height, straddle the bike and gently bounce on your heels. If your crotch touches the frame, the bike is probably too big for you.

To estimate your standover height, grab a paperback book and a tape measure then stand against a wall and slightly spread your feet. Pretend the book is a bike seat and place it between your legs, snug against your crotch, then measure from the top of the book down to the floor.

Bisou, Mono Bisou and Mini Velo models


40 cm (XS) 4'6" - 5'" (140-150cm)

45 cm (S) 4'9" - 5.2'" (145-160cm)

50 cm (M) 5'1" - 5'8" (155-175cm)

55 cm (L) 5'8" - 6'1" (175-190cm)


Standover height does not apply to bicycles with step-through frames. Instead, the limiting dimension is determined by saddle height range. You must be able to adjust your saddle position without exceeding the limits set by the height of the top of the seat tube and the ”minimum Insertion” or “maximum extension” mark on the seat post. 

If you are between sizes keep in mind the larger the frame, the longer the frame so if you prefer a more upright riding position go for the smaller option.