CS x Rose Blake

"I love the simplicity of Tokyobike.

Every element is considered, the design isn’t fussy, and the colours are beautiful.

I wanted my pictures to mirror this feeling.

You ride to the studio and lay your bike on top of a piece of paper.

You paint on it.

You pick up your bike.

Your bike looks new, you have made a picture and you are going somewhere fun."


Limited edition prints are available online
Framed prints available at tokyobike Shoreditch at £550.00
Rose Blake x tokyobike limited edition bicycle available to order for limited time
Contact sales@tokyobike.co.uk


Rose Blake is an illustrator and artist making drawings and pictures from a railway arch by a canal in London. She studied at Kingston University and the Royal College of Art.

She shows with Rebecca Hossack Gallery , and has had two solo show there; ‘Now I Am An Artist’ in 2015 and ‘Sing Swim Ok Moon’ in 2018. Some of the clients she has worked with include BBC, Tate, The New Yorker, Cadburys, Disney and the V&A.

She likes swimming, singing and strong liquorice.