Design Week

To coincide with the London Design Festival and as part of the Shoreditch Design Triangle, tokyobike London plays host to an exhibition of design products that have all been awarded the prestigious Good Design Award in Japan (the G-Mark). Founded in 1957, the Good Design Award recognises objects around us that are honest, innovative, culturally rich and have been created with both humanity and ethical considerations. Last year, tokyobike was honoured to be awarded the G-Mark for Long Life Design, which celebrates objects that have become the “cornerstone of living and society”. This exhibition is showcasing a wide selection of different object typologies, chosen by the tokyobike London team. From tableware to technology, all items have been selected for their enduring quality and usefulness.

'Celebrating Longevity'
tokyobike Shoreditch
87-89 Tabernacle Street,
London EC2A 4BA

20th - 25th September 2022

Images from exhibition at tokyobike Tokyo's flagship store.

London Exhibition Product Selection

A small selection of products included in the London exhibition (some of which are stocked in our store) are shown here.

Enamel kitchenware [Kaico kettle]
Award: Good Design Long Life Design Award 2021
Maker: Shoei Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
Already on the market: 2006/1

An elegant enamel coated stovetop kettle made in Mie prefecture, Japan. It is designed to conduct heat quickly while remaining easy to touch with use. It features very simple but durable design details, and uses maple wood for the handle and lid top. It is suitable for induction, gas and electric stovetops.

Pack & Carry Fireplace [Snowpeak]
Award: Good Design Long Life Design Award 2021 Maker: Snowpeak
Already on the market: 1996/4/1

A compact and portable fireplace that encourages campers to not create fires directly on the ground. Introduced in the mid- 90s, it is made from tough stainless steel and has a simple open and closing mechanism. It is available in different sizes and with a range of cooking attachments. It is a long-selling and successful product that is representative of Snow Peak's values.

Mini Pan [Designed by Sori Yanagi]
Award: Good Design Long Life Design Award 2013
Maker: Satoshoji Corp.
Already on the market: 2003/1

A pan made of Nambu Tekki cast iron. The material is traditional in Japan and known for its durability as well as superior heat distribution and retention. This pan works on the hob or stove as well as in the oven and also looks great placed on the table to serve. The soft, curved edge makes for easy pouring.

Stainless Kettle [Designed by Sori Yanagi]
Award: Good Design Long Life Design Award 2013
Maker: Satoshoji Corp.
Already on the market: 1994

Designed by Sori Yanagi and manufactured in Niigata, an area synonymous with stainless steel production. More than 15 factories are involved in the production of each kettle with most parts made by hand. It is finished in brushed stainless steel and is one of the most iconic designs by Sori Yanagi, resolutely functional and exceptionally elegant.

Palm Scrubbing Brush [Brush No.1]
Award: Good Design Long Life Design Award 2013 Maker: Shozaemon Nishio
Already on the market: 1907/3

The original Kamenoko Tawashi brush No.1 is a beautiful scrubbing brush for dishes or vegetables made from palm fibres. It is found in every kitchen throughout Japan. It is much longer lasting than usual kitchen sponge and is especially good for washing garden root vegetables clean enough to eat without peeling. It has been on the market for over a century.

Gardening Tools [Various items]
Award: Good Design Long Life Design Award 2013
Maker: Saboten Co.,Ltd
Already on the market: 1955/1

A range of simple garden tools made from steel with powder coated handles in orange. The spade features centimetre markings to one side, while they all have perforated handles with integrated hooks for neat storage. These tools are classic elegant designs that have endured through their excellent functionality and durability.

Enamelware [White Series]
Award: Good Design Long Life Design Award 2013
Maker: Noda Horo Co., Ltd
Already on the market: 2002/12

Made from enamel with a rubber-like lid for softness and flexibility, Noda Horo containers are a simple and beautiful edition to the kitchen. Hard-wearing and easy to clean, the containers are resistant to stains and smells from food. They can be stored in the fridge or freezer and with the lid removed, they can be exposed to heat.

Hip Roof Tool Box [Y-350)
Award: Good Design Long Life Design Award 2009
Maker: Toyosteel Co.,Ltd
Already on the market: 1984/12/1

Ubiquitous in Japan, Trusco tool boxes are an essential kit for any tradesperson or aspiring amateur. Made from painted steel and built to last, they can be used to store and carry any number of tools, personal or work items.

Soy Sauce Dispenser [G-Type Soy Sauce Pot]
Award: Good Design Long Life Design Award 2018
Maker: Hakusan Porcelain Co.,Ltd.
Already on the market: 1958/9

Continuously manufactured for over 60 years, the G-Type Soy Sauce Pot was designed in 1959 by Masahiro Mori for pouring soy sauce at the dining table. It is stable, easy to grip and its wide mouth allows for easy washing. The spout is also known for not dripping, which is essential since soy sauce is such an indispensable seasoning in Japan. It can be used for other seasonings and oils.

We look forward to seeing you at the show, where there are more G-Mark products on display, including the original CS Tokyobike, which was awarded the Good Design Long Life Design Award in 2021.