Sa Sa Sa - Wazarashi Cloth Roll

The brand name "Sa-sa-sa" means hassle-free and their original product (Wazarashi Cloth Roll) is a multi purpose cloth on a roll, perforated so you can take as much as you need, for use around the house whether cooking or cleaning. Instead of throwing it away, simply wash and reuse. It can be used and reused in so many ways as a more sustainable alternative to traditional paper and cloth options. It can also be purchased with an elegant stand / dispenser for ease of use.

It won the prestigious Good Design Award in Japan in 2020 and as the judges noted....

"Kitchens are overflowing with disposable items, including paper towels and plastic food wrap. In Sa Sa Sa, design has been used to the minimum extent necessary to recreate the bleached cotton cloth wazarashi—once an essential housework tool in any Japanese home—and turn it into something suitable for today’s lifestyles. Whether you need to quickly strain stock, steam vegetables, or wring it out and wipe down the counter, this soft, white cotton cloth will bring a touch of elegance to everyday activities. In this day and age, we no longer find beauty in the disposable. Even the slightly ragged perforations in this cloth have an endearing charm of their own."

This product also featured on the "Hige to Watashi" Vlog. It's run by a couple of designers that used to be based in London and have since moved back to Tokyo where they share content around products they like and trips they enjoy.