Launched in 2014, Saredo uses recycled cotton spun only from "fallen" fibre from domestic spinning factories to manufacture socks, hats and other accessories. The name Saredo comes from four keywords; Sustainable, Alternative, Renovation, Domestic. They focus on the Japanese artisan philosophy of trying not waste anything from the production process, re-using materials and connecting with people through their products.

The brand was founded by Arita and Ryoko Tsukayazawa, a couple who inherited the family thread business dating back to 1948 in Nara - an area now synonymous with sock production. Typically 'recycled cotton' utilises a mixture of new and used fibres since it's difficult to create a soft, smooth texture using just the waste material.  However, the couple discovered a unique spinning method employed by a factory in Shimane Prefecture that could use 100% recycled cotton to produce a softer more tactile, textile. “I fell in love with the material and started Saredo” Arita is quoted as saying.

Camino from Niente by Saredo

Niente is a Tokyo based brand that looks to find value and breath new life into used or 'waste' materials often discarded during the production process. They share the outlook and philosophy of Saredo and this piece is a collaboration between the two brands.

Camino is a versatile friend in winter. It's made from cotton which doesn't irritate the skin or get too stuffy and the uneven knit means it retains heat well. Compact and easy to carry and designed with a lowered front side to avoid any draughts.