tokyobike originals

We’re excited to launch some new tokyobike original accessories.

tokyobike Daily Basket is a simple, wide and shallow front rack designed for day to day life on your bike. It sits lower than traditional baskets offering a more minimal profile and better handling under load. Made from stainless steel to withstand the weather, the basket is suitable for most bikes (wheel size 20″- 700c).

Daily Basket £75.00
Size: 400 l x 255 w x 115 d mm

The Daily wood rack is a similar design but made with Hinoki (cedar, native to Japan) wood slats for the base. Its available in 2 sizes (shallow or deep) and suitable for most bikes with 20″- 700c wheels.

Daily Wood Rack Medium £110.00
Size: 420 l x 262 w x 104 h mm

Daily Wood Rack, High £120.00

Size: Size: 420 l x 262 w x 180 h mm