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tokyobike was born in Tokyo and the concept began with the name. If the mountain bike was for the mountains so tokyobike was for Tokyo.

The company was founded in the old Tokyo suburb of Yanaka in 2002. At the time there were really only road bikes or mama-charis (cheap, heavy 'mama bikes'). Travel in the city centre was by car, train, or on foot and very much from A to B. When moving by bicycle though, everywhere is connected, and you can begin to use all your senses to better appreciate the city. So tokyobike saw the potential for the bicycle to be reimagined and decided to make this ‘experience’ as a product, that could act as a catalyst to make small changes to everyday life.


With stores in an ever growing number of cities, tokyobike hope to inspire more people to cycle.

From humble beginnings in a quiet suburb of Tokyo to brand stores in creative neighbourhoods across the world, tokyobike have looked to make cycling more accessible and encourage more journeys by bike.

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