Blue Lug

Koma Light

Color Silver
The design resembles a Koma (spinning top) - a traditional Japanese wooden toy. It's bright, compact and can be attached to almost any point on your bike. While most lights need to be removed every time you leave your bike, the 'fixed' nature of these means they are less likely to be pinched!

Made in Japan

About Blue Lug

A Tokyo-based bicycle shop and brand founded in 2006, known for its custom-built bikes with unique designs. They offer eye-catching components and accessories, gaining international acclaim among style-conscious cyclists.


20 Lumens
Front: 7 Hours Solid | 14 hours Flashing
Rear: 8 Hours Solid | 20 Hours Flashing
Front: Recharged in 4 Hours
Rear: Recharged in 2 hours

M5, M6 bolts and washers included but Micro USB cable not included to save electrical waste. Rindow Bullet Light Stays can be purchased separately to fit to brake callipers.

Product Details

Materials: Aluminium
Dimensions: 30 mm outer dia.