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The Urban Forager


Hawthorn berry ketchup, cherry blossom shortbread, nettle ravioli, elderflower fritters, cowslip summer rolls... these are just some of the tasty and surprising dishes you can make from wild food found in your city. With expert advice from professional forager Wross Lawrence alongside elegant photography, this pocket-sized hardback book explains how to identify 32 easy-to-find plants in the city and cook up a wild feast.

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We were all foragers before the invention of the supermarket. And our cities, despite appearing grey, are in fact wildly green. Whether in parks, along canals or on your own street, there is an abundance of delicious food hiding in plain sight. Reconnect with nature and enjoy making these surprisingly easy recipes.

Includes original photography and illustrations, 32 vegetarian recipes and top tips for urban foraging. The information in the book can be applied to cities within the North Temperate Zone.

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Hardback book: 192 pages
hoxton mini press (19 Mar. 20)
ISBN: 978-1-910566-69-5
Dimensions: 109 w x 156 h mm
Weight: 256g