Science Friction Ceramic Chain Lubricant


Featuring an intensive and very protective ceramic formula, the Science Friction Ceramic Chain Lubricant penetrates deep into the pins and links of your chain, providing an exceptional drivetrain performance.

About Crankalicious

Crankalicious is a British company known for producing high-quality bike care products. Their range includes cleaning solutions, polishes, and maintenance items designed to keep bicycles in pristine condition. With a commitment to performance and a keen eye for aesthetics, Crankalicious has become a popular choice among cyclists who value the appearance and longevity of their bikes.

Product Details

Dimensions: 148 l x 36 dia. mm
Capacity: 100ml

Directions of Use

Apply Science Friction to a clean, dry chain. Lightly squeeze the lubricant onto the chain, whilst rotating pedals backwards. (Ideally apply to top side of lower part of chain). After 2 or 3 revolutions, lightly press a clean rag against the chain to remove any excess lubricant/drips.