Cul de Sac

Hiba Wood Oil


Hiba Wood Oil is extracted from the wood waste of matured Aomori Hiba trees through water vapor distillation. With its strong insect-repellent and deodorising properties, this natural oil is characterised by a cedar-like aroma which has a naturally calming effect.

Made in Japan

About Cul de Sac

Cul de Sac creates eco-friendly timber products from Aomori Hiba wood. For centuries, Japan has used the wood to build significant buildings. The wood comes from northern Japan and is known for its strength. Cul de Sac combines traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques to make high-quality products that prioritise sustainability. Their goal is to honour Japan's natural heritage while providing eco-conscious solutions to customers.

Product Details

Materials: 100% Natural Hiba Wood Essential Oil
Dimensions: 29 w x 29 d x 62 h mm
Capacity: 12ml

Directions of Use

This wood oil can be used as a soothing essential oil for the home. Used with an oil burner or adding a few drops to the bath for the calming aroma. The oil can also be placed anywhere that could use its soothing qualities.