Cul de Sac

Wild Incense Spray


The Wild Incense Spray purifies fabrics and air due to its deodorising and antibacterial qualities. Made from Aomori Hiba essential oil, this soothing, natural scent is void of any synthetic fragrances.

Aomori Hiba is a slow-growing, long lived cypress tree whose wood has been used in the construction of temples and notable buildings throughout Japan for centuries. Hiba wood is naturally an antiseptic, water-resistant, insect-repelling, and a calming aromatic. Cul de Sac have developed a way to vapor extract the essential oil used in their products from waste lumber harvested from 250-year-old trees, recycling this useful and pleasing material.

Materials: hiba wood essential oil / hiba water from vaporisation
Capacity: 100ml
Directions of use: Spray generously to spread essential oil and freshen air (room, office, car) or fabrics (clothes, furnishings).

Made in Japan