Dia Compe

188 Reverse Brake Levers

Color Black

Sold as a pair, these inverse levers are made for mountain bike sized bars (22.2 mm / 23.8 mm outside diameter) with an internal diameter of at least 16.5 mm / 18.5 mm. The levers work with caliper or cantilever brakes, but not V-brakes.

*These levers may not fit to some of our tokyobike standard handlebars. Please contact us for more details.

Materials: aluminium / reinforced plastic
Dimensions: 22.2 mm (for 16 mm - 17.2 mm inner diameter) /
23.8mm (for 18.5 mm - 20 mm inner diameter handlebar)
Weight: 160g (pair)

About the Brand

Dia Compe

Dia Compe is a well-established Japanese company recognised for its high-quality bicycle components, primarily focusing on brakes, brake levers, and related accessories. Known for precision engineering and reliability, Dia Compe products have a strong reputation among cyclists for enhancing safety and performance.