Emell's Woset Soil

The light, soft and stretchy clay in white is perfect for creations of all kinds and sizes. Non-stick for clean hands and surfaces. The generous volume allows for sharing as well as plenty of solo play. Make art, sculpt shapes, and squeeze it through your fingers. But be warned, it will harden if the soil is left above the surface for too long! Add colour by mixing paint into soft clay.

Made in Japan

About Woset

Woset’s mission is to inspire and nurture the imaginations of children — designing products that spark storytelling, creativity, and play. Proudly made in Japan, Woset collaborates with a network of specialist manufacturers and skilled craftspeople. With extensive experience in creating high-quality art supplies, each partner ensures Woset’s products engender creativity and provide the tools needed to realise children's endless imagination.

Product Details

Materials: Paper Pulp, Cotton, Acrylic Thermally Expandable Microspheres, Water

Dimensions: 210 w x 22 d x 100 h mm

Volume: 190g

Care Instructions

For age 3 and up. Use under adult supervision. Keep in a safe place out of the reach of children. Keep away from the mouth to avoid accidental ingestion. Use within 12 months of manufacture. Keep out of direct sunlight and heat. Wash hands thoroughly with soap after use. Avoid contact with open cuts on skin. Some paints may reduce the clay’s elasticity. While product does not contain dairy, gluten, and eggs, a patch test is recommended before use. If swallowed, seek medical advice. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water and seek medical advice.