Cruise Tyre (26 x 1.75)

Color Black / Ivory

Comfortable, tough and wide tyres from Panaracer, Japan. The extra width makes them suitable for more uneven surfaces. Or just fun to bounce around town on. 

Size: 26x1.75 (42-559)*
Recommended air pressure: 40-65 psi
Weight: 435g per tyre (approx.)

*Only the tokyobike Mono (or Mono Bisou) has clearance for these tyres from tokyobike models.

Made in Japan

About the Brand


Fairweather is a renowned Japanese brand specialising in high-quality cycling gear. Their range includes components, bags, clothing, and accessories designed for urban cycling and touring. With a focus on functionality and style, Fairweather enhances the cycling experience for commuters and tourers alike.