Cruise Tyre (26 x 1.75)

Color Black / Ivory

Comfortable, tough and wide tyres from Panaracer, Japan. The extra width makes them suitable for more uneven surfaces. Or just fun to bounce around town on. 

Made in Japan

About Fairweather

Fairweather is a renowned Japanese brand specialising in high-quality cycling gear. Their range includes components, bags, clothing, and accessories designed for urban cycling and touring. With a focus on functionality and style, Fairweather enhances the cycling experience for commuters and tourers alike.

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Product Details

Size: 26x1.75 (42-559)*
Recommended Air Pressure: 40-65 psi
Weight: 435g per tyre (approx.)

*Only the tokyobike Mono (or Mono Bisou) has clearance for these tyres from tokyobike models.