Drop Handlebar M174AA

Color Silver

A collaboration between Fairweather and legendary handlebar maker Nitto, this road (drop) handlebar offers a traditional shape with a 75mm reach and a 125mm drop to give greater comfort no matter where you grip the bar. Good for road bikes, cyclocross, and even MTB.

Materials: alloy
Diameter: 25.4mm (stem) / 23.8mm (grip)*
Width: 420 / 440mm (centre to centre)
Drop: 125mm
Reach: 75mm
Finish: polished aluminium or gloss black

*fits with tokyobike standard stems but not standard brake levers 

About the Brand


Fairweather is a renowned Japanese brand specialising in high-quality cycling gear. Their range includes components, bags, clothing, and accessories designed for urban cycling and touring. With a focus on functionality and style, Fairweather enhances the cycling experience for commuters and tourers alike.