Front Bag for Brompton

Color Black

Designed for Brompton bikes from Fairweather *Works with M-handles (not compatible with S-handles).

Crafted from robust No. 9 canvas, skilfully made in Kurashiki, Okayama, with added paraffin treatment for water resistance.

As it accompanies you, the bag gradually gains a softer feel and acquires a unique patina, embracing its age gracefully.

Lined with waterproof ripstop nylon and laminated with a film, ensuring the main compartment remains dry even during rain.

Easy attachment using the front carrier block, sliding in effortlessly from the top.

Balancing practicality with style, serving as a minimalist daily basket.

Feel free to customise with stem bags using the back tape.

Convenient for quick shop stops – simply toss in your items. The roll-top design adapts to varying loads.

Opt for the separate shoulder strap for hassle-free portability, even while folding the bike.

From daily commutes to leisurely days, enjoy the ease of a basket-like bag.


Material: No. 9 Canvas (100% Cotton)
Size: H 32cm (53cm when roll-top extended), W 40cm, D 18cm Frame: H 29.3cm, W 39.3cm (excluding handles)
Capacity: Approx. 20-28L
Weight: 1060g (bag body, excluding frame)

Made in Japan

*Requires front carrier block for mounting.
*Not compatible with S-handle due to potential brake cable and bag frame interference.
*For non-M-handle usage, consult experts to ensure brake cable and bag frame compatibility.
*If you possess a Brompton front carrier frame, you can purchase the bag separately.

About the Brand


Fairweather is a renowned Japanese brand specialising in high-quality cycling gear. Their range includes components, bags, clothing, and accessories designed for urban cycling and touring. With a focus on functionality and style, Fairweather enhances the cycling experience for commuters and tourers alike.