Greeba's Mistaker Maker Pencils

Designed with a specialist pencil manufacturer, the pencils are as functional as they are fun. The jumbo triangular pencils are easy for little hands to grip with rounded edges for comfort. The B lead will help new learners write with confidence while the unique “onigiri” shape offers a good grip and keeps these pencils from rolling off the table.

Made in Japan

About Woset

Woset’s mission is to inspire and nurture the imaginations of children — designing products that spark storytelling, creativity, and play. Proudly made in Japan, Woset collaborates with a network of specialist manufacturers and skilled craftspeople. With extensive experience in creating high-quality art supplies, each partner ensures Woset’s products engender creativity and provide the tools needed to realise children's endless imagination.

Product Details

Dimensions: 9 w x 175 h mm
Weight: 5g

Care Instructions

For age 3 and up. Use under adult supervision. Keep in a safe place out of the reach of children. Keep away from the mouth to avoid accidental ingestion. Avoid dropping or direct impact to prevent lead breakage. Use a sharpener for larger pencils. Avoid over-sharpening to prevent lead breakage.