Halo Commodity

Bend Banner Cap

Color Sage

High-performance nylon, packable cap that combines water repellency and moisture permeability. The lining is made of mesh to enhance functionality. The 6-panel design provides a stable and comfortable fit. Flat rubber is used on one side of the adjuster to improve fit and practicality. The mini sacoche that comes included has a detachable cord that and can also be used as a chin strap for the cap.

About Halo Commodity

Halo Commodity carefully balance form and function, producing headwear that's as comfortable in the field as it is in the city. The brand was founded by Kiichi Kawano, who spent over 20 years designing headwear and was influenced by friends from the outdoor community. There was a sense that headwear could be made to meet high technical standards whilst attaching similar importance to aesthetics, coupled with a desire to appeal equally to the enthusiast and the professional. The brand remains attuned to feedback from their community, continuously evolving designs so they stay both functional and accessible.

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Product Details

Materials: 100% Nylon
Measurements: 56 - 60 cm