Banshu Hamono

Higonokami Folding Knife


This traditional folding pocket knife has a hand forged 3" blade crafted from Japanese "ao-hagane" blue steel and folds into a solid brass sheath.

Made in Japan

About Banshu Hamono

Banshu Hamono is a brand of blades, scissors and knives that are produced in the Banshu region in Hyogo prefecture, the oldest region where the blacksmith industry began in Japan.
Each piece of Banshu Hamono is meticulously handmade by skilled craftsmen who employ the same techniques that have been used in Japan for many generations. By sharpening regularly, it can be used for a long time.

Product Details

Brass, Ao-hagane Blue Paper Steel


Folded: 109 mm
Blade: 76 mm
Unfolded: 170 mm

Weight: 47g

Care Instructions

After use, clean the blade with cotton and olive oil to prevent rusting.