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Hinoki Incense


Incense made from Japanese Hinoki wood, known to calm the nervous system and slow down heart rates. The wood is a natural by-product of the forest conservation process and prized in Japan for its scent and anti-bacterial properties.

Established in 1960, the workshop is located amidst the mountain ranges of Kochi, Japan. Wood is dried for 3 to 6 months before use, helping to maintain the fragrant, oil-rich, and sturdy composition of Hinoki. Using sustainable methods of production, they remain devoted to the preservation of the forests and lakes around them.

Materials: hinoki cypress wood
Dimensions: 80 l x 30 w x 20 h mm (holder) / 8 sticks included with holder
Duration: 20-minute burn time (approx.)
Care Instructions: Do not leave unattended while burning.

Made in Japan