Jobu Pot Matt

Color Indigo
A square pot mat made from Kurashiki sailcloth canvas*.

*Thick, plain-woven fabric that weighs eight-ounces or more per square meter is called sailcloth. It is a natural material produced originally for boat sails in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture in the late Edo Period. The company manage the entire process from the twisting of a single thread to the weaving a fabric roll. They still use shuttle looms (largely replaced in favour of modern, faster machines) to give the fabric a beautiful texture which develops a lovely patina with age. The 'selvedge' weft threads found on the sides of the fabrics are proof that the product is made with a shuttle loom.

Made in Japan

Product Details

Materials: Sailcloth
Dimensions: 160 l x 160 w mm