Aluminium Pen


A simple and slender pen in a textured matte finish. The combination of the highly airtight body made in Japan and the German-made nib offers superior quality and reliability.

Please note that ink is not included. This pen is designed especially for use with Kakimori and Inkstand pigment inks.

Ballpoint Pen: aluminium (body) / stainless steel (refill) / brass (refill adapter)
Fountain Pen: stainless steel (nib) / aluminium (body) / plastic (converter)
Rollerball Pen: stainless steel (nib) / aluminium (body) / plastic (converter)

Dimensions: 10 dia. x 133 h mm
Ballpoint: 21g
Fountain: 16g
Rollerball: 17g

Made in Japan

Care Instructions

Handle the cap with care when removing or replacing. The pen is designed for optimal writing balance with the cap removed. The cap does not fit the tail of the pen.