Tenugui Cloth


Tenugui are hand-dyed rectangular cloths, traditionally used in Japan as functional everyday housewares / garments. Komon means "little patterns" in Japanese and this collection of prints are taken from common housewares, foods in modern Japan.

Made in Japan

About Kamawanu

Kamawanu create Tenugui using the CHUSEN hand-dyeing technique, which dates back to the Meiji Period more then 100 years ago and is still used by craftspeople today who value its refined textures and visual qualities. Since its establishment in 1987, Kamawanu has developed more than 500 different Tenugui patterns bringing new life to the Chusen hand-dyeing tradition, including the training of apprentice Chusen craftspeople.

Product Details

Materials: 100% Cotton
Measurements: 330 w x 900 h mm

Care Instructions

Hand wash only, do not use detergent or hot water. Hang to dry and avoid direct sunlight.