Sitaku Set


Combining the grater, squeezer and mortar, this four-piece set also includes a lid. The lid can be used to cover the grater or mortar as well as function as a small plate. The grater is for ginger, garlic or wasabi and the juicer can be used for citrus fruits. The mini mortar is useful for grating small amounts when needed.

*Pestle is sold separately

Created for Kihara by leading Japanese designer Makoto Koizumi, the Sitaku collection brings together a variety of kitchen tools in a modular, compact, stackable design.

Made in Japan

Kihara Sitaku set featured in HIGE and Me vlog.

About the Brand


For over 400 years Japanese artists have been using the pristine white kaolin clay from Arita, Japan to craft their products. Based in Arita, the oldest porcelain production centre in Japan, Kihara honours the history of Japan and the clay found there. Using traditional techniques mixed with modern methods, Kihara porcelain is both thin and durable, perfect for daily use around the kitchen.

Product Details

Materials: Porcelain

Lid: 100 dia. x 12 h mm
Grater: 100 dia. x 30 h mm
Mortar: 100 dia. x 35 h mm
Squeezer: 100 dia. x 60 h mm

Care Instructions

Dishwasher and microwave safe