Koishi Paper Weight

Color Navy

Pebble like paperweights made of 'Paper-Wood', an innovation from Takizawa Plywood combining recycled paper and plywood. Each piece is handmade (so will vary slightly) in the natural form of stones and with the natural feel of wood. As much a useful accessory as a beautiful, tactile object to keep on your desk.

All of the wood used to make 'Paper Wood' is grown locally and the product received the Good Design Award in 2010.

Materials: laminated recycled paper / wood veneer
Navy: 80 l x 60 w x 35 d mm 
Blue / Green: 78 l x 68 w x 35 d mm
Red / Orange: 90 l x 60 w x 35 d mm

Made in Japan

About the Brand


Takizawa Plywood is from Hokkaido, the northernmost prefecture in Japan, known for paper production and woodworking.