Classic Floor Pump


Designed for high pressure applications, the Classic Floor Pump features an oversized 3.5-inch gauge for increased precision and an extra-long, high-strength hose with aluminium couplers. ABS-1 Pro equipped, the hose is fitted with interchangeable Presta and Schrader valves.

Maximum Pressure: 220psi / 15 bar

About Lezyne

Lezyne is an American company celebrated for producing high-quality bicycle accessories, including lights, pumps, tools, and more. Known for their precision engineering and durability, Lezyne products enhance the cycling experience by offering practical and reliable solutions for riders.

Product Details

CNC Machined Aluminium (base), Steel (barrel/piston), Varnished Wood (handle)
Dimensions: 660 mm (length)
Weight: 1.45kg