Taku Bannai

Life on Two Wheels - Postcard Set


Postcard set from the illustration series, Life on Two Wheels by Taku Bannai. The work attempts to capture the simple joys of cycling from the inspiration to the chance encounters to the precious time to yourself.

Based in Tokyo, Taku Bannai is an artist who creates cut-out works using layers of tanto paper. Playing with colour, texture and weight, Bannai prefers to cut freehand, making lines with natural fluctuations, reminiscent of the contours of the landscape.

The set comprises 12 cards. They would make a lovely gift for a cyclist or look great displayed at home being slightly larger than standard postcard size.

Materials: cardboard / paper
Dimensions: 170 w x 120 h (postcard) / 125 w x 25 h x 175 d (box) mm