V-Type Ceramic Coffee Dripper

The LOCA Ceramic Coffee Dripper offers an innovative, sustainable alternative to papers for brewing coffee. Its micropores effectively remove impurities, resulting in a cleaner and more flavourful cup of coffee. Using the dripper daily saves 100s of paper filters over the course of a year, making it both sustainable and economical. It can also be used to purify other liquids, including water and wine.

Made in Japan

Product Details

Materials: Ceramic

125 dia. x 100 h mm (2-3 cups)

Directions for Use

Step One:
Heat with boiling water

Step Two:
Use coarsely ground beans (25 - 35g).

Step Three:
Saturate the grounds and wait 30 seconds.

Step Four:
Slowly pour over with just off boiling water
Extraction time: 3 - 4 mins
Extraction volume: 400 - 450ml

Care Instructions

Do not use detergent. After each use gently rinse the filter with water until it runs clear.

Over time the filter will clog and can be cleared by firing or boiling the filter.