Miyajima Kougei

Cherry Wood Spatula


Beautifully carved from cherry wood, which is both a hardwearing and resilient, the wooden spatulas are hand polished to a smooth finish and sit comfortably in the hand.

The Ginkgo, Rice and Standard Spatulas are great for use with enamelware, non-stick or cast-iron cookware while the little Butter and Jam Spatulas are perfect for scraping out the bottom of jars to avoid waste.
Unvarnished, the colour of the wood will change over time.

Materials: cherry wood
Dimensions: *approx.
Butter: 181 l x 28 w mm
Ginkgo: 243 l x 54 w mm
Jam: 137 l x 24 w mm
Rice: 200 l x 65 w mm
Standard: 300 l x 65 w mm
Weight: butter 10g / ginkgo 20g / jam 8g / rice 20g / standard 34g

Made in Japan

Ginkgo Spatula featured in HIGE and ME vlog.

About the Brand

Miyajima Kougei

Handmade in Miyajima, Hiroshima prefecture of Japan, Miyajima Kougei works daily to produce durable, functional and easy to use products, made by skilled craftsmen who have been producing wooden spatulas for hundreds of years.

Care Instructions

Spatulas are unvarnished, do not soak in water. Clean immediately after use, wipe and air dry before storing. Hand wash only.