Moku Folding Saw

Perfect for fine pruning jobs in the garden, the Moku Folding Saw has a beechwood handle shaped for easy gripping and a locking device that holds the blade in place. The saw has Ibara-me teeth that can cut both along and across the grain, making it very efficient. This saw cuts on the pull stroke, just like all Japanese saws.

Made in Japan

About Niwaki

Niwaki is a brand that makes Japanese tools for gardeners, chefs, and craftsmen. They believe in the quality of Japanese design and craftsmanship, and strive to inspire others to do what they love even better. Niwaki offer an extraordinary range of fine garden and woodworking tools, kitchen knives, and outdoor gear.

Directions of Use

Use a smooth, gentle sawing action, doing the cutting on the pull, and gliding back on the push
Don’t let the weight of the branch pinch or catch the blade
Don’t twist the blade while sawing
Don’t use a small saw for a large job. Treat 1/3 of the length of the blade as the absolute maximum sensible cutting diameter
Don’t use a large saw for a small job. A 12in blade will happily cut a 1/2in branch, providing the branch is rigid - but most 1/2in branches move around a lot, and don’t allow for accurate sawing. Use Secateurs or Loppers.