Shizu Hamono

Morinoki Bread Knife

A bread knife that promises minimal crumbs! Made with two types of serrated edge, a fine sharp edge near the tip for cutting the surface of hard, crusty breads and a gentle curved edge for the soft centre, producing clean slices with less crumbs.

The handle is made from a single piece of keyaki wood (Japanese elm) with a wide edge offering a good grip and control over the stainless steel blade.

Made in Japan

About Shizu Hamono

Shizu Hamono, founded in 1960, continues the rich tradition of cutlery craftsmanship in Seki, Gifu prefecture. The company draws upon the centuries-old knowledge and techniques passed down through generations to create its knives, making them sought after by chefs and knife enthusiasts worldwide.

Product Details

Stainless Steel, Keyaki Wood

Approx: 370 mm | Blade: 240 mm | 75g

Care Instructions

Always handle with caution. Hand wash only with a mild detergent and dry well after use.