Suribachi Bowl (with pestle)


Suri-kogi and Suri-bachi are a traditional Japanese pestle and mortar, commonly used for grinding sesame seeds and spices, as well as being used to make a fine paste or dressing. The grinding grooves inside the mortar are shaped by hand and glazed, reducing odours and making it easier to clean. The mortar comes with a silicone base to prevent slipping when in use.

Made entirely by hand in a small earthenware kiln in Japan, the colours of the bowl may vary depending on the batch. Wooden pestle included.

Made in Japan

About Motoshige

Established in 1925, Motoshige are a small manufacturer of Japanese mortars and graters. Based in the Iwami region, Iwami clay is renowned for its excellent durability, low water absorbency and resistance to acids, salt, and alkalis. Focusing on their motto of ease of use and good quality, Motoshige strives to continue making products that will satisfy every customer needs by incorporating new ideas.

Product Details

Ceramic, Silicone, Magnolia Wood Pestle


110 dia. x 65 h mm | 335g

145 dia. x 85 h mm | 610g

180 dia. x 100 h mm | 1kg

Care Instructions

Do not use abrasive cleansers or steel wool. Avoid using excessive force on imbedded porcelain pieces as they may get damaged. Dry well after use, keep dry when not in use. Dishwasher safe.