Losco Handlebar B614

Color Silver

Special custom handlebar from Blue Lug Japan, made by Nitto.

Named after another Nitto bar called Bosco (B602F), this is a lower-rise version, appropriately named Losco.

Materials: alloy
Diameter: 25.4mm (stem) / 22.2mm (grip)
Bar-end inner diameter: 19mm
Width: 480 / 540mm (centre to centre)

About the Brand


Nitto is a Japanese company with a rich cycling heritage, known for crafting high-quality handlebars and stems. Their precision, diverse range of products, elegant designs, and compatibility with various bike setups make them a top choice for cyclists worldwide. With a history dating back to 1923, Nitto combines quality craftsmanship and reliability in their components, catering to both professional and recreational riders.