Blue Lug

Nylon Buckle Strap - Blue Lug Special

Color Blue / Red
Hard wearing nylon strap made by Voile for Blue Lug Tokyo. Durable UV-resistant, stretch polyurethane bands make for extra secure fastening. 15" in length, the straps can also be connected to each other to make a longer strap. Endlessly useful for securing things to your baskets or rack or even attaching a basket to a carrier eg Wald half basket to the Nitto M-1. Also writeable so everyone knows who's bike it is!

About Blue Lug

A Tokyo-based bicycle shop and brand founded in 2006, known for its custom-built bikes with unique designs. They offer eye-catching components and accessories, gaining international acclaim among style-conscious cyclists.

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Product Details

Materials: Nylon, Polyurethane

Length: 15 inches (approx. 38cm)
Width: 2cm