Oya Seisakusho

Handmade Oroshigane Copper Grater


An essential tool in Japanese kitchens, the Oroshigane (“grating metal”) Grater cuts more finely than typical Western graters, retaining the texture and flavour of the food. With sharper teeth, the grater makes short work of garlic, ginger, daikon, and horseradish.

Established in 1949, each Oroshigane is individually handmade in Saitama, Japan by Oya Seisakusho. The copper is hardened by hammering, tin-plated and the teeth are hand-sawn and lifted.

Materials: copper-tin plating
Dimensions: 95 l x 55 w mm (battledore) / 95 l x 70 w mm (tortoise)
Weight: 51g
Care Instructions: Teeth are very sharp. For longevity, hand wash only.

Made in Japan