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Toda Design

The Japanese Alphabet Picture Book

For over 30 years, this picture book has been a beloved masterpiece, conveying the beauty of hiragana.
It features large, uniquely designed hiragana characters, aiding children in writing beautifully. The illustrations are striking, emphasizing elegant lines and vibrant yet calming colors. This book fosters sensitivity and imagination, making it more than just an "aiueo picture book."

Written and illustrated by Koushiro Toda

Winner of the Good Design Award 2019.

Hardback book: 94 pages
Publisher: toda design laboratory (Mar. 1982)
ISBN: 978-4-924710-12-2
Dimensions: 235 w x 235 h mm

About the brand

Toda Design

Toda Design Research Institute founded in 1982 by designer Toda Koshirou, has been a creative hub for over 30 years. Toda Koshirou's iconic work, あいうえおえほん - The Alphabet Picture Book, has charmed 800,000 children and earned the prestigious Good Design Award. The institute, guided by a commitment to creativity and craftsmanship, continuously produces innovative picture books and unique products, all rooted in a distinct approach from concept to distribution.

Toda Yasushi, inheriting his father's vision, contributes to the institute's creative journey. His work includes The National Flag Picture Book and the Complete Edition: National Flag Picture Book. The institute's legacy is built on a dedication to inspiring and delighting people of all ages and backgrounds, transcending boundaries of generations and genres.