Tall II Hand Grinder


If you like the perfect cup on your travels or simply want to enjoy 'slow coffee' at home but don't want another gadget in the form of an electric grinder cluttering your kitchen counter, this portable grinder is perfect. Buy your favourite beans, weigh, grind, brew and savour!

Porlex Grinder settings:
1-4: superfine (work those arms!)
5-6: fine filter
7-8: medium filter
9-10: coarse filter
11-12: immersion

Dimensions: 185 h x 49 w mm
Materials: ceramic / stainless steel
Capacity: 30g (makes 2 cups)
Weight: 322g

Made in Japan

About the Brand


Since 1978, Porlex has been designing and developing industry-leading ceramic products in Osaka, Japan. Produced at their factory im Kagoshima, using superior components like ceramic burrs that do not absorb water or smells and will not rust, Porlex are widely considered to produce the best hand grinder on the market.