Riki Watanabe

Riki High Stool


Designed by Riki Watanabe, the corrugated cardboard Riki High Stool is strong enough to use as a chair. Due to its reinforced structure, this stool can withstand a weight of 650kg. In addition to being used as a stool, it is also light enough for children to play with as a building block. The stool can be easily assembled and then folded away compactly. No tools are required to assemble the stool.

Made in Japan

About Riki Watanabe

A celebrated industrial designer and a leading figure of Japanese modernism, Riki Watanabe established Japan’s first design studio, in 1949. With work spanning decades, Watanabe became renowned for his iconic designs, such as the Himo Isu (Rope Chair) and the Hibiya Clock at the Hibiya Crossing in Tokyo. Receiving many awards, including the Gold Medal at the 1957 Milan Triennale and the Mainichi Industrial Design Prize, Watanabe is considered to be one of the pioneers of post-war Japanese design.

Product Details

Materials: Corrugated Cardboard
330 w x 330 d x 420 h mm (approx.)
Weight: 1kg
Maximum Load: 650kg