TAKE Hex Wrench

TAKE (meaning Bamboo) hex wrench is designed to fit perfectly in the hand, giving maximum torque for hard to shift, rusty bolts.

Established in 2011, in Tsubame-Sanjo, Japan, an area famous for metalworking, Runwell maintain their focus on high quality and traditional Japanese craftsmanship. Beyond the concept of quality, Runwell create products that bring pleasure to the maker, the customer and all users.

Material: Steel (grip), ChroMo (hex)
Length: 270mm
Weight: 280g
CNC machined cut, Chrome plated finish (grip)
Works with hex bolts, TAKE68=6/8mm, TAKE56=5/6mm.

Made in Japan

About the Brand


A Japanese manufacturer with a 400-year history of craftsmanship, Runwell creates high-quality metal tools and equipment, including those used for track cycling. Located in the Tsubamesanjo region of Japan, known for its rich manufacturing heritage, Runwell is committed to providing reliable, eco-friendly, and metal-based products. Their environmentally conscious initiatives include zero-plastics development, reduced paper catalogs, and sustainable packaging. Established in 2011, Runwell's mission is to deliver top-quality tools to support mechanics and cyclists worldwide. They have earned recognition and are now a part of international sports events.