Sim Works

Burrito Rack

Color Black

Able to be mounted on a wide range of bikes thanks to the P clips, the Burrito Rack is a great way to carry a compact load, whether as a support for a bag attached to your saddle, or as a standalone rack for a small bag, stuff sac, or sleep roll.

Constructed from chromoly steel, the adjustable struts can be eyelet mounted or attached with the P clips provided. A seat post clamp provides the third necessary
attachment point.

Nitto recommend fitting to a seat post with a diameter between 26.8mm and 27.2mm

Material: chromoly with (trim to size) aluminium struts 
Load Capacity: 10kg
Weight: 410g 
Maximum Load: 10kg

Made in Japan

About the Brand

Sim Works

A Japanese brand renowned for its high-quality and classically designed bicycle components, accessories, and frames. Their products are crafted with precision and durability, catering to a wide range of cycling needs. Sim Works particularly excels in components for touring and adventure cycling, emphasising both performance and aesthetics.