Sori Yanagi

Rotary Tape Dispenser


Originally designed in 1960 and now back in production thanks to a collaboration between Yanagi Design and Japanese stationery brand Kokuyo. The Rotary Tape Dispenser retains the same simple form and materials as the initial design but is improved with a more effective cutter and easier movement. Along with more famous designs by Sori Yanagi like the elephant and butterfly stools, the Rotary Tape Dispenser forms part of the permanent collection at MoMA.

Suitable tape size: 24 mm (outer diameter up to 100 mm)

Made in Japan

About Sori Yanagi

Well-known for creating timeless design and user-friendly tools for the kitchen and home, Sori Yanagi is considered to be one of Japan's most influential product designers and leader of the Industrial post-war design movement in Japan.

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Product Details

Cast Aluminum, Cast Iron, Melamine Resin

157 l x 115 w x 135 h mm

Weight: 2kg