Sylvan Gordito Pedal


Crust Bikes collaborates with renowned Japanese pedal manufacturer MKS, introducing the Sylvan Gordito flat pedal – a harmonious fusion of craftsmanship and innovation.

Inspired by the esteemed MKS Sylvan Touring pedal, the Sylvan Gordito expands its dimensions to offer a uniquely expansive platform, blending tradition with an exploratory spirit, an embodiment of Crust's distinct ethos.

This pedal is not only suited for the discerning touring cyclist but also extends its versatility to become an impeccable choice for the urban commuter, seamlessly merging style and functionality.

The name "GORDITO," an homage to the Spanish language, translates to "chubby," evoking an endearing playfulness.

Crafted with pride in Japan, each pedal carries an essence of meticulous artistry.


Size: W95 x 85mm
Weight: 432g

Made in Japan

About the Brand


With over 75 years of history, MKS is a renowned Japanese manufacturer specialising in top-quality bicycle pedals and toe clips. Their precision engineering and durable products have made them a global favourite among cyclists for enhancing performance and comfort.