Tea Caddy


Crafted from tin, brass or copper, the handmade Tea Caddy is shaped and hammered by hand before being polished and treated. Over time they will develop a lovely patina as the metal oxidises and ages. Perfect for storing tea, coffee or spices*

*not airtight

Made in Japan

About the Brand


Masuko Unayama launched Syuro in 2006 and opened a shop at Torigoe, Taito-ku, in Tokyo - old Edo's Shitamachi. Close to the original tokyobike store, this old downtown area is full of classic typesetters, canning factories, cloth wholesalers, hardware stores, and many small family-run factories engaged in meticulous monozukuri.

Product Details

Brass | Copper | Tin

75 dia. x 80 h mm

160g (tea leaves) | 80g (coffee beans)

Weight: 150g