Toyo Sasaki Glass

HS Glass

The HS (Hard Strong) Series, a Good Design Award winner, can be found in ramen bars across Japan - stackable, sturdy and very durable the glasses are just as useful in the home for water, beer or table wine.

Made in Japan

About Tokyo Sasaki Glass

Toyo Glass was founded in 1878 during the Meiji era, merging with Sasaki Glass in 1957. Toyo Sasaki Glass (TSG) is a company comprised of master craftsmen who specialise in the art of glass-making. Each artisan requires at least 15 years of glassmaking experience to be accepted by the Certified Traditional Japanese Craft-Masters, a prefectural association that credits prestigious artisans for their utmost ability and expertise on Japanese traditional crafts.

Product Details

Materials: Toughened Glass

200ml: 67 dia. x 80 h mm
250ml: 67 dia. x 95 h mm

Care Instructions

Dishwasher safe. Do not use in the microwave.