Vegetable and Herb Seeds - Set of 5


A bundle of Japanese vegetable and herb seeds containing five variations including cucumber, radish, turnip, small aubergine and green shiso.

Made in Japan

About Niwaki

Niwaki is a Japanese brand that makes tools for gardeners, chefs, and craftsmen. They believe in the quality of Japanese design and craftsmanship, and strive to inspire others to do what they love even better. Niwaki offer an extraordinary range of fine garden and woodworking tools, kitchen knives, and outdoor gear.

Product Details

The Japanese Cucumber or “Kyuri” offers a slighter, slender and more delicate skin than European varieties, a sweeter alternative with crisp, cool, succulent flesh. Sachet includes 10 seeds.

The Japanese Radish or “Daikon” is celebrated for its crisp and tender texture as well as for its mild, delicate flavour. Sachet includes 50 seeds (approx.)

The Japanese Pumpkin has a rich, sweet and creamy orange flesh encased in an edible green skin making a versatile and nutritious addition to your vegetable patch. Delicious roasted or eaten as tempura, it is highly prized in Japan for the length of time for which it can be stored over the winter. Sachet includes 5 seeds.

The Small Japanese Aubergine comes with a thinner skin and contains very few seeds, this early-maturing, high-yield variety produces an abundance of sweet, mild fruits. Sachet includes 5 seeds.

Kabu ‘Tokyo Cross’ Seeds are surprisingly versatile miniature white turnips with edible leaves. Their firm, crunchy flesh has a sweet, slightly nutty flavour with hints of radish. Don’t discard the greens: they are especially high in vitamins A, C, B9 and K. Sachet includes 100 seeds (approx.)

Green Shiso, also known as Green Perilla and Aojiso, is a Japanese herb that adds a unique flavour to dishes. It has a combination of mint, basil, cinnamon, and citrus flavours and is often used as a garnish for sashimi or shredded in salads. Sachet includes 1200 seeds (approx.)

Dimensions: 160 l x 110 w x 2 d mm (each)
Weight: 2g (each)